Carpet Cleaning Tips

To clean carpets properly and get excellent results you should gain a bit of knowledge about the subject. As a professional carpet cleaner myself I have heard many horror stories where incompetent people have shrunk, dyed and ruined carpets because they used the wrong process, chemicals and machinery. For example, one of the the major keys to good Carpet Cleaning is water management.

If you’re the customer and looking to have your carpets professionally cleaned then the cheapest option is not always the best one. If the carpets are not cleaned properly using the correct process and the wrong chemicals are used, you’re carpets could be ruined.

Wet cleaning is the most popular method to successfully clean carpets. However, in some circumstances wet cleaning can not be used. Wet cleaning woven carpet is one such instance.

If you had a woven carpet and you attempted to wet clean it, the carpet may suffer shrinkage if too much water is used. Once your carpet shrinks it is very difficult to re-stretch it back to how it was. Woven carpets tend to be expensive so a cleaning mistake could be costly.

Carpet Cleaning Products

It is recommended that you test a cleaning solution on an inconspicuous part of the carpet in order to make certain the solution does not discolor the carpets.

In my opinion Prochem cleaning products and machinery are the market leaders, I have attended one of their training courses and the money they spend testing and gaining British approval for their products is mind blowing. I’m not saying that other manufacturers products are no good but from experience I have never had a bad experience using their products. Since last year we moved over to using green eco chemicals from Prochem, they are fantastic, they smell nice, clean very well and are far safer for humans, pets and better for our environment.

Providing your carpets can be wet cleaned, the modern method for domestic carpets is hot water extraction. Here’s a brief guide on the process;

1: First the carpet must be thoroughly vacuumed with a good quality, powerful vacuum.

2: If there any spots or stains to be treated then the trick is to neutralize the stain and blot, do not rub.

3: A special chemical called a pre spray is then sprayed over the carpet, which is agitated, by a machine or brush. The pre spray is designed to get into the soil, break it down ready for extraction.

4: After 10-15 minutes the hot water extraction begins. Simply this a dual purpose powerful machine which injects hot water mixed with cleaning chemicals into the carpet and at the same time the soil and excess water is sucked back up.

5: Finally the carpet pile is reset using a brush.

Tips On Carpet Cleaning :

Vacuuming should be done before any cleaning is started. This is important because vacuuming will suck up most of loose dirt. For wall-to-wall carpets, you should divide your carpets in quadrants instead of going wherever the machine takes you. This will reduce the cleaning time considerably.

In general, you should vacuum your wall-to-wall carpets at least once per week. This way you will reduce dust accumulation in the fibers of your carpets in addition to prolong the life of your home carpets. 

Spills And Stains On Your Carpets

Cleaning spills and stains is a very easy task once you know what to do. The most important thing to make the cleaning job easier is to remove spills as soon as you spot them. This way you will not need to shampoo your carpets for a couple of months.

If a spillage does occur, you should blot or scrap the stained area before you start dumping cleaning solution on the stained area.

Rubbing the area is not recommended as it can spread the stains/spills to the rest of the carpet. An easy way to prevent the stains from spreading is to work your way from outside of stains to inside using a good cleaning solution.

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