About The Free Thinkers Carpet Cleaners

Having your carpets cleaned regularly is one of the easiest ways to keep your home healthy. If your carpets are left unattended, dirt builds up, more germs appear and your carpets begin to lose their natural color. Dirt and fading colors are clear indications that the carpets in your home or office need cleaning. If they aren’t cleaned, then you are exposing the health of your family and friends to unwanted risks. Filthy, unattended carpets tend to attract mold bacteria, fleas, dust mites etc., causing allergies and irritation.

To get more customers, franchises often make their prices attractive by making special offers in the form of coupons, but you would do well to go through the details of the special offers, you might find some (unwanted) surprises.

In the absence of any discounts, the average price charged for cleaning is $0.25 to 0.30/ square foot, meaning that cleaning a carpet measuring 1000 square feet will cost you $250 to $300. Usually, that price would include the charges for any pre-treatment. However, it may not cover the charges for moving the furniture, if needed.

Do not get carried away when you see ads from cleaning companies quoting extremely low prices. It would cost any company at least $100 for cleaning a carpet of 1000 square feet. Some companies may offer to clean carpets for as low as $6.95 per room! Perhaps, they imagine your carpet to be just about 75 square feet in size or plan to bill you for a number of additional petty services. For example, they may charge you extra for cleaning compounds, pre-treatment or maybe extraction. Likewise, they could charge you extra for moving pieces of furniture.

The prices quoted by companies quoting on the basis of per room charges don’t include stairs. Similarly, they charge extra for landing. In case of stairs, the charges may vary from $2 to $3 per stair.

The charges for cleaning carpets vary depending on the city, the technique used for cleaning and the company. Usually, the prices charged by franchise companies are more than those of private companies, though this may not be true all the time. So you can see just from this data that becoming an informed shopper is just as important as actually getting your carpets cleaned. 

That’s why this site is up. It seeks to inform the average home, business, or property owner about carpet cleaning. You’ll find things about pricing, the dos and don’t and also the pros and cons. Take your time and check out what’s given to you and use what you can.